Translation of The Social Guidebook to Norway by Julien S. Bourrelle, 2015

“Nordmenn – En illustrert innføring” or the Norwegian version of the best seller “The Social Guidebook to Norway”! Written by Julien S. Bourrelle, translated by Maria Amelie and illustrated by Nicholas Lund!

“Nordmenn” takes you through an illustrated Norwegian journey. This guidebook is not about typical Norwegian behaviors, it is about behaviors that are peculiar to Norwegians. Foreigners will fast forward their adaptation, Norwegians will learn how their behaviors may be perceived. Since the launch of the orignal english version in November of last year, 10 000 copies have been sold, we made it to the bestseller list, the book was featured in most national newspapers and Julien was invited to NRK Lindmo and spoke several times on the radio.

Maria Amelie joined the team to create a great Norwegian translation. Maria is known for her story and her two books “Ulovlig norsk” and “Takk”.

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