One podcast episode you can`t miss – Barack Obama on the power of young people

I transcribed my favorite part of this interview. Had to listen to it several times, because he says so much in such a short period of time. Here is the link to this episode on BBC.

O:We have close to 1 million young people all over the world in our young leaders program. I have seen the power of these young people. The key and this sounds simplistic, but it is true, is to give these young people the confidence and the ability to go out and change the world.

H:The older generation is slightly skeptical?

O: Yes, and young people make mistakes. They are not perfect. I think about myself when I was a community organizer, I was making mistakes out there all the time. But there is an energy and a spirit that can’t be duplicated by someone my age. There is a freshness for what young people perceive as possible.

O: This generation coming up is the most sophisticated, the most tolerant in many ways, most embracing of diversity, the most tech-savvy, the most entrepreneurial. But they don’t have much faith in existing institutions.

H: It is too easy for people to criticize millennials for being superficial and selfish.

O: I just haven`t found that. I haven’t seen it. I think it is an indication of the disconnect between..

H: The generational divide?

O: Not just the generational divide. I think it is also the bias of those who are comfortable with power as it is currently exercised.