How we struggle through the puberty of social media

I am endlessly fascinated by how we perceive and make opinions about others through the social media lens. On a bad day scrolling down the social media can give me joy, but also such an unease and anxiety for not doing enough, not working hard enough, not being the right places for whatever the hell “right” means.

Sometimes I dont think so much and just post pictures like this, and than I realize afterwards how there is someone else sitting also scrolling the feed, and feeling bad or may being happy with me. I know that I cant take responsibility for what others might think of me, but I wonder about our generation as whole living out new lives in a premature version of virtual reality also called social media.

It is premature, but it is not innocent any more. The innocence and the fun and the privacy of it is gone and in are words like “brand”, “communication”, “cambridge analytica”, being politically correct and censoring yourself because your boss is your FB-friend and you might get fired for your opinions. We are far from a mature stage of social media, may be we are more in puberty – it is sometimes so rough out there especially if you are a teenager or a person that is dependent on social media for work purposes.

We make mistakes, are a bit overcautious or unconscious of the way we tell stories of ourselves, and I think for the most part we dont really have a clue of how to be this social media persona because everything changes so fast, and even technological adjustments in feeds influence the way our stories reach out and to whom. How technologies influence our lives and how we influence technologies was the topic of my masters degree in 2009, and more and more I see this push and pull between tech and reality, the struggle to find balance between the private and public lives in real and virtual worlds. And will there ever be any balance?

This FB-picture from yesterday pretty much summarizes my day, the precious few hours on the warmest day so far – 31 degrees. I say precious, because there is another side of the story – it is probably the first time I have gotten out from work at 1630 and not 20.00 or later like all other days this spring tired from allergies and little sleep. It is first time in ages that I gathered friends I havent seen in a long time, and it is first time in ages our team at Startup Extreme taken a short break from our screens and had an actual relaxed conversation outside of deadlines and the warm office. It is not a poor me post, and I from the bottom of my heart love what I do and people I work with, it is just that I also like many others choose to post pictures like this, and not the tired face from the office. I too edit my virtual reality and tell a story of one moment that defines your impression of me for weeks.

To paraphrase my favorite quite:

Behind every post, every picture, every word, there is someone fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind <3