Maria Amelie loves to disrupt narratives, nerd about entrepreneurship and will some day sail to Antarctica to hang out with penguins 🙂

On a more serious note Amelie is a co-founder of Startup Migrants, an tech-startup working to fuel the economic growth in Europe with migrant founders. She is also an award-winning writer of five books on immigration, freedom of speech and entrepreneurship, and a sought after public speaker.

What has she done before? 

Before 2010

Maria studied anthropology, entrepreneurship and technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, worked as chief of volunteering at Slottsfjell music festival (responsible for 1400 volunteers), head of PR at Kulturutvalget at StudenterSamfundet i Trondhjem and other festivals.


Maria Amelies first book came out when she was 24 years old. This book om her life as a refugee boosted a huge debate and a movement on refugees. It contributed to a law change on immigration in Norway. Check out this crazy story in her Tedx talk from 2015 (link).

Right after that she published her second book – Thank you. It was a detailed story on Trandum asylum jail, criticized by the UN Torture Committee. She was the first journalist to spend time there and write about the conditions. The book is a tool for organizations and unions with human rights workers, psychologists, lawyers. In 2014 she finished a third book together with her co-writer Dag Yngve Dahle. The topic was freedom of speech in public and private companies in time of social media. 

2015 – 2017

At 29, after working as tech-journalist at Teknisk Ukeblad for four years, she was awarded Best Startup Journalist 2015 for her articles on the growing ecosystem in the Nordics. That year she took a leap of faith and started her own company and crowdfunded her 4th book together with her team. They got over 120 percent of their original funding goal and presold lots of copies. This book came out in August 2017 and is about 30 successful Norwegian tech-founders and their best advice. The goal was to help with knowledge demand in the young Norwegian startup ecosystem. It has been called by many the Startup Bible – Alt eller Ingenting. It came out in august 2017. 


In 2018 Amelie was representing Norwegian entrepreneurs as a fellow of Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative, a program of the U.S.Department of State in partnership with the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

She also does several big content and storytelling projects. She interviews scientists and entrepreneurs for companies like Telenor, Simula Research, Antarctica Wildlife Research Foundation, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Angel Challenge Startup Norway – here are the articles.


In 2019 Maria Amelie started a new chapter in her life. She wrote a new book – Startup Migrants together with Nicolai Strøm-Olsen. He is a serial entrepreneur and also a writer of 5 books on entrepreneurship in Europe, Israel and Norway. It is a dream team. That is why they started a tech startup with the same name – Startup Migrants.

“I am a daughter of serial entrepreneur and have grown up with this entrepreneurial spirit from I was little. Many great entrepreneurs everywhere in the world were refugees before. I believe this experience gives you a unique point of view. How you choose to use it determines your success later in life.”

Their goal is to build B2G and B2B platform to increase integration and economic growth in Europe.